Blake Buckingham

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Areas of Expertise

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Narrative Design

Whatever documentation you need done, I can do and do so well I'll have your whole team writing better when I leave. While I prefer mostly just creating the story, I am more than equip to do technical documentation, writing dialougue, editing and even storyboarding. Interested in this Click Here, the icon, or the title. 

Level/Combat Design

These are the things I want to specialize and heavily get into as my career progresses. Narrative and story work is my home, but level and combat design are my place of work. To seperate them, level design is what I plan on investing myself into the most over the short term. In time, the focus will shift to mastering combat and using that to expand into animation within and outside of gaming.


I've always had a knack for programming, I've always been a problem solver, and I am a systems thinker(More about this elsewhere). I have never really liked coding, but we have a bond, a mutual understanding. I can poor over code and almost instinctively understand, and I adapt to they way computers "speak" relatively easy. While, this isn't my favorite thing, I don't mind doing it and I see the value in understanding the languages even when I am not actually creating code. With that said as a designer, I will definetly have a more natural ability to communicate with programmers, or even help them in a pinch.

What Else Can He Do?

Won't be part of my job title but you'll appreciate it

Presentation skills

"Who would like to present to the class first?"
Doesn't matter what it is, a pitch, a presentation, a group meeting, social outing, a progress report, check-ins, post-mortem. I want to set it up and present it. I'm not modest when it comes to communicating or my communication skills. I've always had an interest in it, I'm good at it and i have seen it done lackluster so much I always want to get in front of the crowd.
This extends to presentations. While, I am till rather new to most of adobe's software, I have a big interest in making video presentations as well. Powerpoint, Excel, and Word documents are a passion as well.

What's that you are doing?

I love learning. I am an immersive active learner. One of my favorite ways to learn is to watch others. I am the type of person who in my free moments working around others, I will explore what they are working on. If it is an artist I am watching the way they interact with their tools. If it is a programmer I will probably ask why they organized their code this way. It may never come in handy for me, but I just want to know they way everything around me works.


These two are mutually exclusive but so closely related. One of the most powerful quotes I've heard also happens to be my personal mantra. Leadership isn't a position of power. I have never officially had a position of power but no matter where I have gone, I have made sure people saw a benefit to me being in their circle. Helping them improve, making sure their accomplishments are praised, and looking over and seeing a shinning example of how hard work rewords.


Address: Willing to relocate of my own accord

Phone: 737.202.0143

E-mail: Blake.Buckingham@outlook.com