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Let me tell you a story

Technical Doc's


Universal GDD

This is a full game design doc. It speaks to my ability to make technical doc's, but even more so to my understanding of the entire chain of Game Design. I am sure if you are reading this you know the value of these documents.

Remnant's GDD

This was a complete game design doc as well. This I actually made as one of my first projects at school. 

Jimmy And Stella GDD

A much more fleshed out or explained GDD. I go far more into detail about what the needs from other departments as well as descrbing how certain pieces to the project should be.

Creative Writing

Open Your Mind

Blaze (Alt storyline)

Blaze is a character, in a universe that I write pretty regularly. While I am not prepared to release that story quite yet. In the process of writing, I came to an impasse. I was unsure how I wanted to go on a few conflicts, so I wrote him a whole new origin to see which I liked better. I ended up sticking with the original, but I got clarity and a pretty nice writing sample out of it.

To Move a Mountain

I was writing this universe, however that has stalled. I have 3 universes I regularly work on, I wasn't able to decide if this fits or will be lore in either of those. Regardless, it doesnt give anything away that I am trying to keep close to the chest about those universes. Ideally it will be a part of a series in the adventure or Ryan And Seque, currently it is one off.

More Writing Samples


The Classic: Final Fantasy 7 Review 

This is a review I did of my favorite game ever. it is just me breaking down the game.

Borderlands 2 Review

This is me breaking down what I think makes the game Borderlands 2 so special and unique. 

Rethinking Thinking

This is actually a full out research paper I did in college.

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