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Battle For Beacon

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse(mod)

So here I was tasked with creating a new level from scratch. It was a mod, and the game is based on a TV show so I had to stay within the realm of those two things while also drawing inspiration. The game mode or play style was already created as well.

BSP level

Practice Project

For this project we were tasked with creating a 3 plan structure with nothing but bsp.

Basic Practice

Practice Project

This is just work I have done in my spare time. There is no link for this yet. So far I have just recreated a coffee shop I was in, as well as white boxed a level. The focus was simply on getting speed with the toolkit, while I don't have a project, and getting use to following a design for a level.
I will be updating this soon with a video, and the actual files. It should be live by Thursday 7/11/19 at noon.